Thank you for your interest about holding a “FUN”-draising event at Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab. Several schools, PTAs and non-profit organizations have benefited from hosting a special event at Doc Burnstein’s where a portion of the profits for the night go toward the group. It’s FUN and EASY!

How Can Doc Burnstein’s Help You Raise Money??

 “FUN”-draiser Night is a designated evening when a portion of the total sales for the evening is donated to your group.

Who is Eligible for These Events?

Any school, school group, PTA, PTO, Non-profit, sports team, clubs or organization that wants to raise money for a worthy cause. Please note that Doc Burnstein’s management must approve the event.

How Much Money Can Be Raised?

Your group can receive up to 15% of the sales for your time slot. The more your group promotes and sells, the more money raised.

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