Raise funds while having FUN!

Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab donates 10% of its profits to:

  • Local Public Schools
  • Local Non-profits with a focus on children’s education
  • Local Blood Drives

If your group fits one of these categories, we are pleased to consider your group among our donation recipients.  To continue our giving at this level to these important causes, we, unfortunately, are not able to support every worthwhile cause.

For other non-profits, we offer a fundraising opportunity at your non-profit fundraising event. You can sell ice cream to the public at your event as a fundraiser. To inquire about selling Doc’s at your event, please download the form below and fax to the number on the form.

Additionally, our company and its management make many personal donations to other worthy causes each year.  To be considered for a  donation from the company or one of the owners, please complete the form linked below and fax to our offices.