Investor Information

Community-owned means many local fans own a piece of one of the Central Coast’s most iconic businesses, one that may some day be synonymous with ice cream throughout the nation.  And perhaps even more significant, you can be part of a revolutionary concept in business, becoming part of one of a new breed of ‘Benefit Corporations’, a business entity that is not only profitable to investors, but also instills a socially-beneficial conscience into a corporation.

Although the videos below are from 2013, they detail our business concept and what makes us unique as a business and investment in your community.


Who We Are

A three minute overview of Doc Burnstein’s Ice cream lab, our history, and back fill of information on this Central Coast phenomenon, including Blood Drives, Ice Cream for Breakfast Day, and community philanthropic activities. Introduction to our growth plan.

A Community-Owned Beneficial Corporation

Looking to the future, our new San Luis Obispo parlor, and more detailed information on Beneficial Corporations.