Break the world record with your very own “World’s Largest Ice Cream Sandwich”!

Have Doc Burnstein’s build a 100-inch ice cream sandwich for your fundraiser or company party. This 1,400 serving treat weighs in at 300 pounds, and is sure to bring excitement and smiles to any event. The giant brownie and vanilla frozen confection is also an attempt at a Guinness World Record. Your event could be the event that brings the Guinness staff out to make it official!

Call The Doc for details and pricing. Make your event World Record fun!

This gargantuan ice cream sandwich is modeled after Doc Burnstein’s “So Good” Ice Cream Sandwich, which is vanilla ice cream between two brownie cookie layers, coated in chocolate.


100″ Ice Cream Sandwich Statistics:

  • Contains 35 gallons of ice cream
  • The “crust” includes over 100 pans of brownies
  • The 100 inch diameter ice cream sandwich weighs approximately 300 pounds!
  • Feeds about 1,400 people (depending on appetite, will power, etc…)
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