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Quality, It’s What Makes Doc’s The Best!

We Start with the Best Cream

Doc uses hormone-free cream shipped especially from Sacramento. Our dairy uses a lower-temperature pasteurization process that maintains nature’s creamy flavor, a superior process that comes through in the taste.

We Use More Cream than the Rest

Doc’s ice cream contains more cream than any other made on the Central Coast. Only a few ice creams have enough cream to carry a Premium label. But Doc’s stands alone in the area with enough real cream to carry a “Super-Premium” label.*

We Invent Bold, Fresh Flavors

To ensure every flavor is bold and natural tasting. Doc uses natural vanilla, real fruit, and the finest ingredients available. Doc is always experimenting with new flavors in the Lab, adding to his vast selection of over 140 recipes. Perhaps you can help create the next ice cream taste sensation!

We Refine the Art & Science of Ice Cream Making

Doc learned ice cream making at “Ice Cream University”, then refined his skills as an Apprentice of Chuck Burns, Master Ice Cream Maker with 28+ years of experience. Our ice cream is hand-crafted right in the parlour, using state of the art equipment and technology.

Our Ice Cream Gained National Recognition

Doc Burnstein’s Vanilla Ice Cream earned a Blue Ribbon for Quality and Taste from the National Ice Cream Retailer’s Association.

Always Enjoy it Fresh

Store-bought ice cream can be up to a year old! Doc’s ice cream moves so fast, nearly every scoop is served within a few days of production.

*Most ice creams contain 10-12% butterfat, while Premium ice cream has 14%. Super-Premium labeling requires at least 16% butterfat.