Dog Burnstein's

Doc Burnstein’s Is Going to the Dogs! Announcing NEW Dog-Friendly Frozen Treats


Doggie Discs

New Dog Burnstein’s Doggie Discs are just cool! Dog Burnstein’s ‘Doggie Discs’ come in real bacon flavor made from a special high protein recipe of soy and tofu. Regular ice cream can cause stomach upset for dogs, but this Vet-approved, creamy creation will delight dogs without giving them digestion problems.

“I’m hoping to attract a new breed of customer����� said Greg Steinberger, owner of Doc Burnstein’s Ice Cream Lab. “This allows us to truly treat the entire family!�������������������������

It is an idea inspired by 6-year old Wood Humane Society volunteer, Jordyn Poelking. The scoop is, she wanted to make money to help the animals and combined her two favorite things… dogs and ice cream! Local Momtrepeneurs, Kathleen Schroeder and Jennifer Mandulay Poelking, are partnering with ice cream connoisseur, Greg Steinberger, to bring a child’s dream to market. Recently, Jordy helped Dog Burnstein’s celebrate Woods 55th Birthday. The crew served Doggie Discs to a hungry pack of pups.

Do You Want to Carry Dog Discs

Doggie Discs are looking for a new home! If you would like to sell the frozen dog treats in your business or at your pet event please contact us for more information. Novelty freezers may also be available.